Welcome to Common Sense Investments Inc.

Common Sense Investments Inc. is a Toronto based Merchant banking firm that assists companies with obtainning debt and equity financing. Our expertise is in constructing a deal which makes sense for both the investor/lender and the borrower. With over 20 plus years of experience in corporate finance, corporate credit, manufacturing, distribution, information technology, power generation, insurance brokerages and many other industry groups.


We support our clients with the following kinds of transactions:  

► Mergers and acquisitions

► First and second mortgages 

► Financial restructurings and turnarounds

► Project financing 

► Asset based lending 

► Refinancing of existing debt

► Consolidation of existing loans 

► Succession planning


We represent several Toronto based private equity groups looking to fund Canadian companies who are willing to invest a minimum of $250,000. By partnering with several funding companies, we can provide you with experienced lenders in many industry groups, competitive bids and different target risk profiles. As well we work with traditional lenders to provide the lowest cost financing when possible. Our Corporate Finance Team can assist you with your business case, and/or prepare it for you. 

Our permanent funding solutions include senior debt, subordinated debt, mezzanine financing, convertible debt and equity. In addition we may offer temporary bridge loans which are subordinated to banks and other senior lenders until permanent refinancing can be completed. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions from many lenders that a single lender may not be able to offer. We see the solution, not the problems.

As an agent to these private equity groups, we are a preferred supplier to assess and present new investment and acquisition opportunities to their funding procedures. Based on our continuous dialogue, we are able to provide you with a better understanding of how to present your opportunity to maximize the chance of obtaining funding.